Know Before you Go

Important things to know when visiting our Medical Dispensary

We provide to Medical Marijuana Patients only

With the current Maine state laws, recreational marijuana is allowed for adult use with restrictions on purchasing and selling. Because of this we cannot sell to everyone, only those with a valid Medical Marijuana card.

Exit Bags are Required

The state of Maine requires that every marijuana product has to leave the dispensary in a child-safe, tamper evident and opaque container. We package our flower in containers that fit those requirements however lots of other products do not fit such standards. This is why we process every sale with an exit bag which fits in those regulations. The bags we offer cost $0.50 and are REUSABLE. We encourage everyone to bring back the exit bags so they do not have to be charged at checkout. 

Is all of your information up to date?

The Maine Medical Marijuana card requires to be renewed annually. Please make sure to check if your Med Card expired before coming in for a purchase. Also make sure your state ID is up to date for we cannot sell product to those with an expired license. 

Lisbon Cannabis is a Cash Only Business

We do have an ATM on site if needed and there is a $3.00 fee per transaction and a limit of $200 per ATM withdrawal.

Look and Smell but Don't Touch!

Our flower is for medical purposes so we treat it like medicine. We allow our patients to look closely and smell the aromas but we ask that the patients do not touch any of the flower. 

Use Respect and Patience towards other Patients

We ask that all customers be respectful of other patients in the storefront. We expect that patients utilize the same respect to each other as they would at any pharmacy. 

Know the laws

If you or anyone is interested in knowing the rules and statutes about Medical Marijuana then please visit for all information about how much product can one obtain, hold, grow or any other rule that may apply. 

You do not need a Medical Marijuana card for Tobacco or CBD products

One does not need a medical marijuana card to purchase our CBD products. Please note we do have CBD products that exceed the allotted THC limit, therefore will need a medical card for purchases of those Products. One must be 21 years of age or older to purchase tobacco products. 

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